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Financial Planning

Financial planning is the foundation for which your investments, insurance, and retirement plan are built upon.

Creating a Net Worth Statement gives us a birds-eye view of your financial picture. Among many things, it may allow us to identify certain debts that should be paid off, as well as help us give you guidance on future financial decisions.

Maybe you have never created a detailed budget which explains where each dollar you spend goes. If you are striving to save more for retirement, a cash flow analysis can help you identify areas of your current spending that may be improved upon.

There are pros and cons of differing mortgage structures and time length. Based on your income and cash available for down-payment, we help you identify the type of mortgage that suits you best.

No one wants to pay Uncle Sam more than they are required to do so. Are you aware of how your investment accounts are taxed differently? We help our clients understand why certain investments should be held in certain accounts and not in others. We also help you identify which type of accounts you're eligible for that may lower your tax bill (IRAs, HSAs, 529s, Donor Advised Funds).

Student loans may seem confusing, especially when you have multiple loans with different interest rates. We will help you make sense of your student loan situation, and structure an actionable plan for you to pay down your debt.