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Insurance Analysis

Insurance can be a sensitive subject. Although it may be difficult to discuss these scenarios, ensuring necessary coverage is a crucial part of any comprehensive financial plan.

The last thing you want to leave your loved ones with are outstanding debts that they cannot afford. We help our clients calculate a benefit amount that would financially protect their beneficiaries from an unexpected tragedy.

In 2016, the national average cost for a private room in a nursing home was nearly $7,700/month. Most retirees do not consider long-term care insurance until it is too late.

Annuities are often extremely complex. Many individuals do not understand the fees, riders, benefits, and income options of their existing annuities. We will help you determine if your annuity is still the right fit for your retirement plan.

Unfortunately, many of today's workers do not consider this risk. Without a disability income policy, it will likely be difficult for you to fill the unexpected loss of income. This is especially important for those whose professions are highly specialized, such as physicians, executives, attorneys, and athletes.

Home and auto insurance policies can be challenging to comprehend and are an important part of your financial well-being. We assess your current policies and financial situation and ensure that you have proper coverage given your financial standing.

We currently live in a very litigious period of time. Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage above what you may already have through home and auto for situations where those policies do not cover the entire settlement amount. We analyze your situation and help you determine the amount of coverage necessary to better protect your family.