As many of you already know, educating our clients is one of our top priorities. Watching or reading financial media concerning markets can evoke some strong emotional responses that often lead to poor decisions. Because of this, we decided to produce our own educational material rooted in facts, data, and history rather than speculation. We periodically host webinars on various topics related to markets, tax planning, retirement planning etc. We will continue to post webinars to this page as they are recorded, as well as information regarding future webinars.


Upcoming Webinars

When: Thursday, November 4th at 11 AM EDT

Topic: 2021 Year-End Tax Planning Opportunities

Description: Oceanside Advisors Founder, Johann Kroll CFA, CFP® presents on one of our favorite topics, "Year-End Tax Planning Opportunities". We touch on how to identify opportunities before discussing the different strategies we utilize to limit your tax liability in both current and future years. We close by answering a few questions.


Past Webinars

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Future Webinar Topics


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